Monday, April 23, 2012

Snug Snag

A couple of months back(more than 4 actually) Laurel Heger contacted me through uTales (a wonderful platform for illustrators & authors to collaborate in creating eBooks) & asked me if I would be intererested in illustrating a poem she wrote called "The Snug Snag"...
What is a snag ,you may ask?!I also didnt know! first thought was Dr.Seuss...but no thats a "thneed"...well I went online & discovered that  its a tree that is no longer living ,but becomes alive with all the creatures living in it!a home for many!And so began the journey of our book together
Laurel lives in Washington state & I'm here in Israel,so we could catch up my early mornings or early evenings.It was easy & good fun to communicate!
I researched all the animals in the poems & printed out some pictures &  inspirations
I drew my sketches & planned my pages

Then I drew the pictures with my lovely new pencil (which by the way I could'nt find again when it ran out when I did I just about bought out all the stock!

some of the gorgeous animals that make this snag their home
and then colored it in on photoshop(because its an ebook I wanted to use RGB colours-vibrant & fun!)

Laurel was always possitive ,encouraging & understanding ... a pleasure to work with!
After some basic "animations" we sent it for approval to uTales
And to my suprise it was loaded right up!
So do yourselves a favour & have a look at our new book!: "The Snug Snag" by Laurel Heger and illustrated by me!
Thanks Laurel & thanks uTales for this wonderful opportunity!!!!

The Snug Snag