Friday, September 16, 2011

"They Draw & Cook"-cooking for kids contest-update

Well waited in anticipation for the 15th & kept checking my e-mail & my New York clock...nothing!!!
Was really excited...and nervous!then I went into the site & saw that they had announced the winner(hadn't expected to be the winner!but I must admit would have loved to be a runner up 'case you could win the book thats just come out ,but thought MAYBE I'd be one of the 25!)
searched the gallery & they'd decided to give 40 (3rd prize) entries a place on the TDAC canvas shop, the gallery instead of only 25 and can you believe it I was'nt even on that!
Was really dissapionted,but what can you do!
Then I was telling Zohar & Daniele (my 2 eldest) about the results & the amazing site & how gorgeous the winners recipe was etc & Zohar wanted to we came up to my studio & I showed him. . .  Next thing he says ,"but Mom you're jumping 10 pics each time! " and sure enogh instead of pressing next pic I was pressing (or the mouse was anyway) next 10 pics ! So we opened the page to show 48 at a time & can you belive it one of mine was there!!! Jumping for joy!!!! we were both soooo proud ! Thank God for Zohar!!!Bless ! I would never have known !
So there you go! my recipe with my gorgeous strawberry gobbler princess is on display in the TDAC shop ,so people can order it as a picture,canvas,pannel of 3 etc reallly quite cool!
Thanks Salli & Nate!!!

P.S. Here's the link:

Here you can see what it looks like if you order it in 3 pannels,pretty cool I think

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"They Draw & Cook"-cooking for kids contest

"They Draw & Cook" is a glorious site !!they were running a contest that finished midnight (EST )
I just had to take part and sat up till after 2 am (a first time for me!I'm not a night person...)and finished my 2 recipes !
Was really chuffed!
My little princess Emma-Lee , whom loves strawberries tooo much!

My little man, helping me !!we had such a giggle 'cause he'd eat one ...cut one..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

“Dear JAPAN: Messages of hope from picture book artists worldwide”

How  exciting!Today I heard from Art Ehon again:

"Thanks to your warmest cooperation, we have received illustrations with messages from 135 illustrators of 24 nationalities. Such overwhelming response was just beyond our imagination.

The exhibition

My piece "Prayers for Japan"
We delighted to inform you that sixty-six “Dear JAPAN”illustrations with messages including yours have been displayed at “World Picture Books Exhibition: Bologna Children's Book Fair in Itabashi” held in Itabashi Ward in Tokyo, a sister city of Bologna from 20th to 28th August, 2011.
Following the success of the Itabashi exhibition, these works are now scheduled to be on display at Tamagawa Children’s Library in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture (situated in northwestern Japan) from mid-September to early October this year.
For your reference, I am herewith attaching some photos at Itabashi exhibition.

My artwork made into a postcard, number 2

Please be informed that at Itabashi exhibition, thirteen postcards including yours have been on sale.

On the back of the postcard, our project name, “Dear JAPAN: Messages of hope from picture book artists worldwide”, your name, your country name and your message are printed in Japanese.

In addition, your name is printed in English as well.

We ensure that the proceeds of JPY 38100 raised from this postcard sales are donated to Japanese Red Cross Society."
I'm  sooo honoured to be a part of this!