November 2012

Take a table ...
My very good friend turned 50 this year and I wanted to make her something special!
So off I went to our local 2nd hand shop and bought a really cute little wooden table.

I painted a layer of base primer and "walla!" a white canvas begging to be painted!

I wanted to do something with a lotus in the centre and basically let my pencil flow , and this is what happened:

I painted with acrylics and added pattern for texture .Added the final touches, outlines and patterns and heres what it looks like!
I still need to seal it and then a birthday gift is finally ready for my darling friend!

July 2012

My first commission since my "cloudscapedesign.weebly.com" is up and running!how exciting!
Its really hot now ,peak summer in Israel so I managed to work outside in the earrly mornings with a wonderful breeze!
what a pleasure!!!!
and now for the finished arworks!
"Up on Top"

"Animal journey"