Art Classes

November 2012

Well I've finally done it!I've started private art classes in my house, on my dinning room table!Teaching kids art while giving them a taste of English.A fun way to introduce them to a new language.I have insisted on small groups so that I can give the best of myself & provide them a fun and intimate enviroment.
Quiet frankly I don't know who has more fun!?
Theme 1 : Jungle Animals-
We listened to Animal Boogie (my all time favorite)and then got creative!
Here you can see my first group (grades 1 -3)

Bel and Shahar drawing their jungles

Eliezer, Shahar and Atarah starting to paint with the watercolour inks

Watercolour Inks, permanent markers, salt, plastic animals, great music and lots of fun later...And now for the gallery-our beautiful masterpieces!!
"Animal Jungle" by Etai age 6
"Animal Jungle" by Bel age 6

"Animal Jungle" by Atarah age 6

"Animal Jungle" by Eliezer age 8

"Animal Jungle" by Shahar age 6

Here you can see my second group (grades 2 -4)

Emma-Lee and Yael really giving their all!

Myan and Roee

I just love the detail and freedom!
Myan carefully painting his beautiful drawing
May and Emma-Lee's artworks progressing beautifully!
 And now for the Gallery:

"Animal Jungle"-by Yael age 9
"Animal Jungle"-by Myan age 8
"Animal Jungle" by May age 8
"Animal Jungle"-by Emma-Lee age 9
"Animal Jungle"-by Roee age 7

July 2010

This one took place in Wales , in my dear friend Sarah's kitchen
The kids each got a white pillow case and a selection of colours ,then they get to paint whatever they would like to have on their own pillow...look at these lovely artworks that came out of these awesome kids!!!! 
First they start with designing the artworks & then drawing their outlines, music becoming a destinct theme, possibly do to the fact that Sarah's family are amazingly talented musicians and Nic had them singing all weekend?

Daisey drawing her outlines

Steff drawing his outlines
Then let the painting begin!!

Everyone painting up a storm...Zohar deep in thought! 

Loving it!

Molly painting her lovely pillow case

Daisey with her wonderful pillow case

Phoebe with her gorgeous pillow case

Dan with his funky guitar

Zohar going for it!


  1. really looks like fun when do you open an adult class?

    1. Hi Elia!
      thanks !yeah I love it!I will post some more pics on facebook soon!
      what stars the kids were this week!!!
      I am starting up an adult class very soon I hope!