Friday, September 16, 2011

"They Draw & Cook"-cooking for kids contest-update

Well waited in anticipation for the 15th & kept checking my e-mail & my New York clock...nothing!!!
Was really excited...and nervous!then I went into the site & saw that they had announced the winner(hadn't expected to be the winner!but I must admit would have loved to be a runner up 'case you could win the book thats just come out ,but thought MAYBE I'd be one of the 25!)
searched the gallery & they'd decided to give 40 (3rd prize) entries a place on the TDAC canvas shop, the gallery instead of only 25 and can you believe it I was'nt even on that!
Was really dissapionted,but what can you do!
Then I was telling Zohar & Daniele (my 2 eldest) about the results & the amazing site & how gorgeous the winners recipe was etc & Zohar wanted to we came up to my studio & I showed him. . .  Next thing he says ,"but Mom you're jumping 10 pics each time! " and sure enogh instead of pressing next pic I was pressing (or the mouse was anyway) next 10 pics ! So we opened the page to show 48 at a time & can you belive it one of mine was there!!! Jumping for joy!!!! we were both soooo proud ! Thank God for Zohar!!!Bless ! I would never have known !
So there you go! my recipe with my gorgeous strawberry gobbler princess is on display in the TDAC shop ,so people can order it as a picture,canvas,pannel of 3 etc reallly quite cool!
Thanks Salli & Nate!!!

P.S. Here's the link:

Here you can see what it looks like if you order it in 3 pannels,pretty cool I think

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