Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Art Classes with a taste of English

 Living in Israel, apart from speaking English to my kids & Anglo friends, the rest of my world functions in Hebrew.
I while back I was seeing a business coach, Yishai, and he brought the English back into me! Now I use English in my daily life and am empowered by it!
Hence the idea came to me of teaching art classes in English! Well it's not entirely in English the kids are still "littlies" & so I am giving them a taste of English.
I have fixed my studio (again thanks to my wonderful coach) and have a table midst all the artistic chaos. I run small groups; no more than 4 or 5 kids. Keeping it small gives the kids an intimate & cozy environment to feel free to create & learn plus it allows me to have the time to give each child their personal attention.
I go with the flow, some kids are not so interested in the English & others eat it up & come back for more! Others prefer the painting, others the drawing. I simply create a fun & warm environment where they hear words here & there in English. Here's hoping that when they start to learn English at school they will remember their classes fondly & enjoy learning English!
Mostly it's about building up their confidence, believing in them & giving the space to create! To bring out their individual colours in them!
We are learning together, from each other! and sometimes I'm not sure who is enjoying themselves more!I love it!
In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than children's art! I am very honored that I can be part of their journey!!
They are amazing little artists!!!

And on my blog under "Cloudscape Art Studio"
Enjoy looking at their wonderful masterpieces!!!!


  1. Oooh, I love this pic. Very colourful and creative. xx

  2. Is'nt it so full of life!!!gorgeous!Its done by Roee in grade 2