Monday, August 22, 2011

my mosaic wall-finally finished!

Well its finally happened!I have finished grouting the wall!I must confess although I completely love mosaicing I dread the grouting!I'm typing with cut fingers but its fially done(well except for one window...which I will have to master up the courage for)
For years I have collected beautiful pieces of china,ceramics,shells and beloved crockery that gets broken,now finally its all on the walls each piece telling a story & bringing back a memory...
here are the pics:

Etai,my youngest, showing me parts he created

The whole wall grouted atlast!

And here are the rest of the pictures,finished some time ago,but now all together 
The lounge window
One of Janie's beautiul hand painted plates

the upstairs window

Another one of Janie's hand-painted artworks,that she supplied me

My studio window

The viewe from my studio window

The viewe from up  top of the scaffolding
 If you want to see more of Janie's beautiful things heres a link to her:

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