Monday, February 20, 2012

uTales -The Friendship Alphabet

Wow this was a wonderful experience! I belong to a group called uTales started by Nils von Heijne.It has over 200 members and is very welcoming,caring,warm and helpful.It is composed of writers & illustrators & together we collaborate to make absolutely amazing books!
Anders Lindholm started the idea of doing an ABC book together authors & illustrators.I ,for some reason had it in my mind to do W but it was already taken so I thought I'd missed out!
Then Sandra Hershenson author(and friend) asked me if I'd like to illustrate "A" with her!I was chuffed! I must confess a little scared too -its the first letter & if its not good will people carry on reading?the pressure was on!
The whole process was lead & guided on uTales & it was sooo exciting to see how we all came together!Everybody was so helpful and supportive!Over 30 different illustrators & writers from more than 15 countries came togeter to write 1 book!Simply amazing!and whats more the proceedes go to Pencils of Promise to build new schools in developing countries.
Sandi wrote a lovely poem for A with children whos names all sarted with A ...and I thought it would be fun to make them animals so began the alligator,ape,armadillo & antelope.Ofcourse the ants had to join in all the fun!See if you can spot some more words starting with "A"
Amy ,Alex ,Adam & Annie skipping about!


 I am so greatful to Sandi for giving me a  part in this wonderful adventure and look forward to our next book coming out!keep posted guys !its going to be fab!
Ok so did you find 9 more?
anklet ,almond blossom ,apple ,autumn leaves ,Africa ,apron ,All Stars ,artist ,acorn
you see all the other illusrations and buy  this wonderful book at:
I have met so many very  special people on uTales !what a wonderful site!